Monday, July 16, 2007

Ghost Monk

This great 3D model was created by Nicolas Terry. It's pretty easy to fold and I love it!!
I folded this model for only about 25 minutes. I downloaded the diagram two weeks ago from his website, so it's free!! :D
You can download the diagram here.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Chuka Ryu (Chinese Dragon)

Created by Hoang Trung Thanh, this model is one of the most complex dragon models i know. Took me 5 hours to fold. Made with 5 sheets (1 large sheet for head to tail and the other 4 are for it's legs). I should've used plain white paper, and I didn't fold the body right. But, atleast it looks like a dragon (or so I think). When my mom saw my Chuka Ryu, she asked me "what is that? a lizard?". Okay.. maybe it looks a bit like a lizard.
In order to get it's scaly look, I made large pleats on it's body when I should have made small pleats. With small pleats I could have made it's body longer. Oh well.. maybe I should try to fix it.
You can find the diagram here.

And the picture below is the real Chuka Ryu made by the creator:

Thursday, July 12, 2007


No! It's not a cockroach! It's a beetle!
This is the very first model I folded 2 months ago. You can use any kind of paper to fold this model. Just make sure the sheet is not too small. For this model, I used white paper measures 20x20 cm. I don't have the link to the diagram, but you can found somewhere in here.

Jedi Master Yoda

This model was created by Fumiaki Kawahata. And again, my Yoda model is different from the original model. My Yoda model doesn't have a right hand, which I had failed to fold. The paper I used was too small and thick.
But atleast when you see it, you will recognize it as Yoda the Jedi Master (hopefuly... ).

This is the diagram for Yoda.


The third model is the Rat (author: Eric Joisel)

Although they are known for their reputation as disgusting furry pests and vermins of cities and cropfields, Rats had also taken their important role (involuntarily) in human lives. Countless of rats were and still being shaved, sterilized, cut open, dismembered, injected with various chemicals, born abnormal and forced on various gory experiments in genetic research labs for the benefit of human kind.

For that, I felt that I have to respect their ultimate involuntary sacrifice by folding this model of Rat. The one mammal I always dreaded and disgusted, yet had gain my respect. At least now I can say that I love a rat, just one rat, eventhough it’s made from a piece of used paper. And it's pink..


Here is the diagram! : )


The second model is Butterfly by Tomasz Siwak from Poland. The diagram for this model is free and can be found on his website. This is my favorite butterfly model so far. Why? Well, simply because it is beautiful and easy to fold… Unlike those hyperealistic scary-looking supercomplex butterfly models that I errr… had failed to fold…

Anyway.. Enough about my poor folding skill. Since this is a simple model, you can use any type of paper. And as you can see below, my model shows two different colors (light green and yellow). In order to achieve the same result as mine, you will have to use a sheet with light green on one side and yellow on the other side. Or you can glue 2 sheets of light green and yellow to form a single sheet with each color on each side… Voila!

Well, you don’t have to do it exactly like mine. You can use any color combination you desire. Just make sure the colors are a match.


As for me, I glued 2 sheets of “Post-It” paper measures 8x8 cm.

Oh! And here is the diagram. Fold on!

Another Butterfly w/ diff. color combo:

Red Bull

For my first entry, I will share the Red Bull model I folded. I downloaded the diagram from the net. It took me 2 hours to fold with slight modification. So the end result is also slightly different from the original model and I like it that way.

This Red Bull model is not too complex, but it's not recommended for those who are trying to fold for the first time. You better start with simpler models. You can download free diagrams (from simple to complex) here.


And here is the diagram for this model.

Have fun folding!! :)